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Contact Details


Optoelectronics Research Centre,
University of Southampton, Highfield,
Southampton, SO17 1BJ, United Kingdom


E-mail addresses: see people pages

Telephone: Offices

+44 23 8059 2694 (B53/3051): Prof. K. F. MacDonald
+44 23 8059 3085 (B53/3046): V. A. Fedotov, E. Plum, N. Papasimakis
+44 23 8059 3145 (B53/3038/A): J. Y. Ou
+44 23 8059 3836 (B53/3039): D. Papas

Laboratories (internal use only)

x21675 (B53/2023)
x29148 (B53/2025)
x29518 (B53/2030)


We are located on the University of Southampton’s Highfield Campus in Buildings 46 (Prof. Zheludev's office) and 53 (research labs and other offices).