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CLEO US 2021

Diffraction-Free Propagating Electromagnetic Skyrmions

Supertoroidal Skyrmions and Space-Time Superoscillation of Light

The Technology of Optical Superoscillations

Deeply Subwvelength Topological Microscopy

Giant Electrogyration in a Nanomechanical Metamaterial

Skyrmionic Supertoroidal Light Pulses

Hybrid Bistability in Nano-opto-mechanical Metamaterial

Second Harmonic Generation in a Fiberized Amorphous Silicon Metamaterial

Observation of Toroidal Light Pulses

Classically Entangled Structured Light towards Multiple Degrees of Freedom and High Dimensions

Picometric Ballistic (non-Brownian) Thermal Movements in Photonic Nanostructures

Transmission Asymmetry in Nano-opto-mechanical Metamaterials at μW Optical Power-pdf

Ultrafast Cellular Automata Dynamics of Phase-change Optical Response-pdf